Yoga for migraines

has someone found a good class to help you surf through migraines? I usually use Elena Brower’s Disolve into Stillness but I was wondering if anyone had found another useful one


(also if someone has figured out a practice for in between migraines – like a preventative – I would really appreciate it too! )


@Laura I’m so sorry you even have migraines at all! But here are some classes that I hope help:

Heal Your Eyes, Soften Your Gaze
Hatha with Elena Brower
5 mins • Level 1

From Pain to Prana
Audio Meditation with Felicia Tomasko
15 mins • Level 2

Cool Your Pitta
Hatha with Rod Stryker
60 mins • Level 2

Calm & Cool Excess Fire
Yin with Felicia Tomasko
45 mins • Level 2-3

Relieve Eye Strain
Hatha with Felicia Tomasko
30 mins • Level 1

Yoga for the Jaw
Hatha with Tias Little
15 mins • Level 1

Root of Palate
Ashtanga with Richard Freeman
15 mins • Level 1-2

Support for Physical Pain
Audio Meditation with David H. Wagner
10 mins • Level 1

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Thank you Ciera so much for the recommendations!

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You are so welcome @Laura, so happy you asked and I hope these help your migraines!

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and also, apologies for the delay in replying – I use the app on my phone and forgot to check on it-- thank you so much for replying to the post!

Take care!

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