Yoga for Sleep

I want to help my clients with a simple 6 pose routine they can do to turn down their energies and prepare for sleep. What would be your fav 3 poses?

PS this will be demonstrated in a salt therapy room (think comfy lounge chairs, soft lights& music and a floor full of loose salt. Probably best to think of things to do sitting as mobility for many is a bit challenging. The ions really help promote sleep but i think everyone needs a little help and would be nice to talk about it and have some go to moves to help prepare you for sleep.
Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hi Shawna! That salt room sounds so relaxing and zen :star_struck:

Here are some classes that hopefully help give you some ideas for poses! I tried to only include ones with pretty simple poses since you mentioned mobility might be an issue, but many are more floor/laying down based instead of sitting. Let me know if these types of positions won’t work for your clients. Do you have access to any props?

I hope these help :slightly_smiling_face: I would love to see what the rest of the community suggests as well!

Yin Practice to Prep for Sleep
Yin with Tiffany Cruikshank
10 mins • Level 1

(Sleepy Yin states that all poses can be done seated too!)

Sleepy Yin
Yin with Giselle Mari
30 mins • Level 1

Sweet Dreams
Restorative with Stephanie Snyder
30 mins • Level 1

Prepare for the Sleep State
Restorative with Dice Iida-Klein
30 mins • Level 1-2
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