Yoga for weight loss

Hi, I started yoga during covid and really love it! I am new to glo and would love some suggestions on classes and teachers to help with weight loss. Thanks!

Hi there! I’m with you, yoga is a great way to keep up the mood :wink: Like you I thought I’d also lose some weight at the same time which led me back to a series of classes I found here last summer that I really like! It’s what they call a program with three classes a week with my favorit Tiffany Cruikshank. It’s called Build your strength and stamina. Look it up! I love it!! Don’t really know how many times I’ve done it now haha but it’s also something comforting in doing a class you already sort of know, plus, you can then do it even better. Classes are 30min and at 25 I’m usually ready to throw in the towel and then it’s done, she has an impeccable timing! Hope you enjoy it!

And Ps I also started using an app to count calories… just do get a grip of energy intake :wink: