Yoga, Level 2-3

Hello Glo-ers,

I’m fairly new to Glo but have fallen fast. It’s so different to all of the other Yoga apps I’ve used before but also serves for meditations, calming and getting the headspace I need. I could get addicted - or maybe that is because it’s the one upside to life I have discovered as a result the pandemic. It took me a while to get really comfy with navigating my way around but now I know my default classes are 30 or 60 mins and I’m pretty bang on Glo’s Level 2-3. I’d love to chat with any other Glo-ers who can recommend teachers or classes they’ve particularly liked. I like to keep trying new things and try out recommendations.
Warmly (as I’ve never quite understood Namaste or Om Shanti as greetings) AH


Hey Augusta,
that’s great. I’m on Glo since Feb and in total I practice since 10 years, the first just occasionally and then I increased to a very solid routine.
I am likewise joining a lot of Level 2-3 classes and I enjoy Vinyasa flow.
Most classes I have done are with Jason Crandell. There are many classes of him and a lot in the level 2-3 stage. He is an amazing teacher in terms of his explanations. He looks for specific alignments in each asana and the way we access it. By practicing with him I find we have a clear alignment and we build up the necessary strength; strength in terms of engaging precisely the muscles which helps to lift us in flows.
Likewise Sarah Clark is one teacher I really enjoy here and I would wish to see more of her classes. Her flows are just joy fueled pleasures! They flow with ease but don’t hesitate to go into inversions - so they have a sense of flying!
Enjoy the practice and always a pleasure to exchange about class choices :slight_smile:

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Hi Georg,
How lovely to hear from you! Thanks for your reply. I am based in London and normally work very much full time as I’m self-employed but since March I’ve had no work so yoga is great for my body and mind. Thank goodness for Glo. I hope to do some of the livestream classes. Have you tried any?
I absolutely agree about Jason C and Sara C. Aren’t they fab? I think I’ve tried about 20 different teachers, at least, now so am allowing myself to return to those which best suit me at a given moment.
Have you tried the programmes? I like them as I see them on a journey and they are organised as a path so build on each other. I did Annie C’s one for teachers and now I’m on Taylor H’s morning set. Both of those teachers are great for me for when I’m feeling I need a nurturing and cheerful friend. If you like Jason C you might like Elena B. I’ve enjoyed making collections too and once I’ve finished my current programme I have a collection I have made to investigate the chakras (not my normal thing but the more I get into Glo the more I investigate new directions). Have you tried Dice’s classes? Sometimes I tack a tutorial of his to the end of a shorter flow practice. I’ve made a collection for short, tutorial classes.
Thanks so much for your reply and it’s great to share yoga chat with you!