Yoga, MLM and the industry of essential oils

Hi everybody, recently, something in the yogaland that puzzled and eventually offended me is how many well respected teachers jumped on the pyramid scheme of essential oils implying a medical expertise derived from being yoga teachers (to foster their success as salesperson). What do you think of that?
Also, I read that and found it very insightful:


Whoa that article is FASCINATING! Thanks for sharing @Auriga!

This was a pretty eye-opening article! I use essential oils on a daily basis. I learned a lot about the history of Young Living and DoTerra from this article so thank you so much @Auriga ! I really hope more studies are conducted to better support some of these claims of medical cures! Also, sustainability in areas such as sourcing should be of the highest priority for the essential oil industry as demand grows. If anyone wants some more information regarding essential oil brands, this article from Essential Oil Haven provides a nice overview of each company! I personally love the Aura Cacia brand but there are some really good companies out here!


Thanks for the article - a really interesting read! I do like essential oils when I’m offered some but have never gone out of my way to invest in them. When I use them, I think of them more as a mindfulness tool than as something with proven medicinal qualities.

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